Hiking the Carian trail

Hiking in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains with our guides who show you all the beauty from the Turkisch nature. In the eagean area you find lots of olive trees , stunning sea vieuws and nice turkisch dishes prepared with fresh vegetables and olive oil. On The Datca peninsula is famous for the almond trees who have georgious sweet smelling flowers in February and later on off course almonds as wel as olive trees and in the autumn  lemons and other citrus fruits.As Datca is located between the aegean and mediterran sea you can eat fresh fish from the sea. The Datca peninsula is also famous about its climatic spa, many sick people who live here for a few years are recovering from their illness On the Bozburun peninsula the landscape is different , more pine trees and mountains , seavieuws and a nice waterfall as well as ancient city’s so every area has its own nice speciallitys We have enough variation in our hiking holidays as we can use 840 km of hiking paths every year we use different stages so you can come over and over again to complete the whole trail.


Around kusadasi famous for the bird island are 39 ancient city’s, most famous is Ephesus and really worth a visit while you are here , olive fields , mountains and the aegean sea so we have a lot of choice in hiking in this area. Kusadasi has a nice boulevard and is a crowded place with tourists so in the evening you will not get bored as the city is never sleeping


Marmaris is a touristic place but in wintertime many restaurants and hotels are closed Marmaris is named after the streests who are made from marble and for us a place to stay while we are hiking on the uper parts from the Bozburun and Datca peninsula


Datca is a much smaller place as Kusadasi and famous for its almond trees. Datca has a nice boulevard with restaurants and places to drink something. There are rarely foreigners in Datca most of the tourists are Turkisch citizens from city’s like Ankara, Izmir or Istanbul. A quiete and nice place with a smaller but cosy city centre

water well
Hiking the carian trail at Burgaz
water fountain
Hizirsah Carian trail