Skinny dippers

Many years ago the people from the aegean area earned their money by selling wine and olive oil and sponges. The climate is great for the wineyards so the aegeaan area had lots and lots wineyards and each city produced its own wine , the wine was shipped to Europe as wel as the olive oil in big amphora’s. The Aegean region is the home from the naked sponge divers , the original skinny dippers Sponge diving is one of the oldest professions in the Aegean Songes have been mentioned as far back as the eight century BC in Homer’s “the Liad”\ where Hephaestus washes himself with a sea sponge, and in  “The Odyssey” sponges were used to wipe down the table after having dinner.   Other uses of sponges were: water filters, using as padding in helmets and contraceptives. So
Sponge diver