Green nature travel offers you great hiking holidays in Turkey in the Aegean and Carian area.

Why hiking? If you go hiking in the nature youre minds get to peace. Often difficult questions in your mind just dissapear by walking in Nature , because you can relevate better or see things from another angle. Hiking is good for your health. You are using your full body whilst walking in nature.But most important hiking is fun. Turkisch wheater circumstances are perfect to walk and beside of that its nature is beautifull. Mountains , hilly landscapes, sea sides , less rain so what else can we want. On our trials we enjoy stunning vieuws, and off course we walk for fun, so we have plenty time to make georgious pictures . While walking near you in our group walk people with simular interests so it is a great oppurtunity to make new friends for life.  Walking can be done by everyone. The nature in Turkey is stunning the green from the woods , yellow from the sun and the turkuoise from the sea makes a great combination. As we in the area where we are hiking we have much historical places form the hellenistic and roman era’s like ancient citys, an old water cistern, and great small villages with typical greek style houses. As our name is Green nature travel we like to hike with you through all this beauty far away from the touristic places. We walk on roads but also off the road, on old donkey paths and through the fields or over beaches where on the end of the day we have great sunsets. So fun guaranteed on our hiking and trekking trials. We have more that 32 trials in our portfolio so even if you fall in love with the beauty of nature in Turkey and decide to come for a second , third or fourth time you will not get bored at all.

Our programms are all made like this: three day’s hiking/trekking one day free time . So you still have that holiday feeling and can enjoy our other excursions like Ephesus or Pamukkale as well. The length of the trials are between 8-15 km a day. We start in the morning after breakfast and we will pick you up from your hotel in Kusadasi , or Datca .From here on we will go to our startlocation and at the end of our trial we will bring you back to your hotel .


Also for the Datca Peninsula we do the same 3 days hiking one day free time to spend at leisure. Maybe you want to join us on a daytrip to Knidos or want to learn how to make borek bread and eat lunch in the village with Durdane.

The guides for our hiking holidays are speaking fluent , English, Dutch , German and Turkisch. the guides are  living many years in Turkey, so it is  easy to help you out on any issue.

The most ideal season to hike in Turkey is from beginning March till 15th May and from end September till end November, during the summer months it is to hot to hike.

Shoes , we only accept hiking shoes with a good profiled sole,  so NO nike or allstar sportshoes. , so hiking shoes are a must.As wel as a hat , cap or a bandana for your hair and hiking sticks.

Hiking the carian trail at Datca
Poppy flowers
Hiking the carian trail at the Bozburun peninsula
Burgaz at springtime